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Dorris Denis

"I am glad I got Ms. Miller, she taught me how to write more and spell more, she makes me laugh and she is a nice person. I am very satisfied with the care Ms. Miller and the entire team has shown me, if there was one thing I would change, I would make them a part of my actual family" 

District of Colombia 

Kevin L

"My caregiver does everything right for me and my kids, she truly is a caring person and both her and Hope Found have best intentions for my children. Even though my children do not have to do with the program they are always considered as incredibly important factors that is important to me as a father."

 District of Colombia 

Thelma Green

"I have just joined Hope Found and I can honestly say I am very satisfied so far, I mean there is nothing I would change about my caregiver. Our communication is smooth and we work well together. Ms. Ashmond is always prompt and good for laughs and support."

District of Colombia 

Cleon Jackson

"When I asked Connie to be there more for me, there was no hesitation. She truly feels like a member of my family, both on and off the clock. She has provided me with more time and care to make sure all my needs are met. I am very satisfied with the job Connie is doing, and the high expectations Hope Found sets for her, and has also met all of mine."


District of Colombia 

Marqutte Roy

 "Mr. Khumbah is constantly making sure I am alright. Even when just with my family, if he learns of any slightly uncomfortable situation he is there. He has shown me that while a founder and a boss, he is also a truly caring friend and caregiver. My dream is to attend college someday, and Hope Found is honestly trying their hardest to make that a reality. While that is not something they have to bother with, they have taken interest in what makes me happy and provide that support that may one day make my dreams a reality"


District of Colombia 

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