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About Us

Hope Found is a team of friendly, dedicated, and capable people. Our licensed and qualified care providers and administrators constantly engage in training to better serve our constituents. We maintain a professional atmosphere with integrity, respect, and dedication to provide the quality care you and your family deserve. Since Hope Found's creation, we have worked to continually build upon and ensure both trust and confidence with those we serve. Effective communication and attentiveness to the needs of each and everyone in our care have contributed to our success. Hope Found values commitment, passion, efficiency, and education in every aspect of our program. Our employees receive rigorous background checks and are selected based on previous experience, excellent recommendations, and their passion for serving others. We treat both persons and employees like family. We welcome you into our family tree.

Hope Found began with the simple concept that no one should be left behind. A strong community is important to every person's survival. We want you to know that we are here for you and your loved one as well. The chief founder and executive, Emmanuel Khumbah extends his hand in support of your family. Being a father, husband, and brother - Khumbah understands that a fulfilling life requires a strong support system of those you can count on, we provide no less here at Hope Found.

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