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Emmanuel Khumbah, CEO of Hope Found, realized a deep need for a supportive service for disabled Persons and their families when his own daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a severe developmental disability. He found that truly supportive resources were few and far between for families of disabled persons. Mr. Khumbah resolved to create a solution to this issue and founded Hope Found Inc. in 2006 to meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilties.

The well-being of our Hope Found family is our top priority during these uncertain times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

DC Health has released further guidance regarding the use of PPE that includes case examples for usage.

Please click on the links below to learn more:

PPE and Worker safety guidance documents can also be found at:


Please follow the link to learn more about protecting yourself and your family.

  • know how it Spreads

  • Take steps to protect yourself

  • Take steps to protect other





Hope Found Incorporated has been one of  Washington D.C.'s metropolitan area most trusted home health care provider since 2006. Hope Found provides outstanding care for all persons, regardless of age or medical condition. Our employees are caring, experienced and passionate people. We go beyond supporting the persons and support the families of those in our care.....



“My caregiver does everything right for me and my kids, she truly is a caring person and both her and Hope Found have best intentions for my children. Even though my children do not have to do with the program they are always considered as incredibly important factors that is important to me as a father."

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